Vulnerability in Property Management? A look at how practicing this trait is critical in commercial property management.

As we become more in-tune with ourselves, practicing quite time, forgiveness, compassion, and love, we expand our perception.  Our perception of the world, our community, and of our surroundings. When we forget to stay in-tune with ourselves, our perception can become off-balance and we think things should be different than they actually are.  And when this happens, we tend to create judgments, resentments, frustration, and anxiety.  We forget about compassion, forgiveness and love.  And, in turn, the connection that we so deeply desire with other human beings, becomes disconnected.  So why do we sink into this disconnect when we so deeply desire it?  Because of shame, fear, and blocking the ability to be vulnerable.

I discovered Brené Brown’s Ted Talk, The Power of Vulnerability (watch YouTube video below), about a year ago.  It resonated with me and stuck with me.  When I read JPM’s Jan/Feb 2017 article Are Leadership and Vulnerability at Odds, to my surprise they reference Brown’s Ted Talk on Vulnerability.  This excited me!  Excited me because that “ah-ha moment” light bulb turned on and I felt that I had come full circle: All this “work” we do on ourselves applies to ALL aspects of our lives.  Our personal lives and our professional lives.  How neat is it that who we are and what we do is so intertwined?  

Commercial Property Managment involves many leadership traits, one of the most important being vulnerability.  “Vulnerability is not sharing every emotion, concern and doubt with everyone you meet; it’s not being emotionally fragile.  It is being open to ideas other than your own, accepting uncertain states and recognizing your own limitations.”  The article goes on to point out some positive vulnerability traits that local Auburn CA commercial property managers can incorporate into their daily practice:

  • Ask for and accept advice and help.”  I’ve always been the type of person to ask for help when I do not have the answer.  This trait is critically important while working in the Northern California real estate and property management industry. Laws in commercial property management are always changing and facts morph as properties develop, so knowing the correct answer all the time is impossible.  It is critical to look to our colleagues, peers, industry professionals and co-workers for answers sometimes.  We become successful we we view other people not a competition, but as a tool in succeeding together.
  • Accept mistakes from others.”  aka compassion and forgiveness.  Without forgiveness we become stuck.  And when we are suck we cannot proceed to success.  With a mentality that “we are all doing the best we know how”, we are more likely to understand the importance of compassion and forgiveness, and in turn, we free ourselves from being stuck.  Success follows quickly thereafter.  Become successful in Placer County Property Management by listening to this great advice!

I hope you enjoy this article and Ted Talk as much as I do!


JPM’s Jan/Feb 2017 article: Are Leadership and Vulnerability at Odds?


Are Leadership and Vulnerability at Odds?
Are Leadership and Vulnerability at Odds?



Watch The power of vulnerability by Brené Brown here: