CAE (Common Area Expense) Billings

One of the biggest advantages to hiring an Auburn, CA Commercial Property Manager for your Auburn CA commercial investment property is to hand over the tedious yearly CAE (Common Area Expense) billings.

What are CAE’s?  Common Area Expenses are expenses incurred on the property with the cost of the service being passed through to each of the commercial tenants in the space.  The division of charges are typically either divided by the total number of tenants (common for landscape maintenance or  common area cleaning charges) or by the square footage that each tenant occupies (common for utilities, taxes, and insurance charges).

The process can become cumbersome if you, as the investment property owner, do not have the proper software to calculate these billings OR if you do not have the prior years expenses at your fingertips to reference.  An experienced commercial property manager should have both the software and records to make this process streamline.  Your commercial property manager will also send out the proper notices to tenants to notify them of the increases.

Keeping up on this annual process is a very important part of increasing your asset.   Barrett Property Management, Inc. has been hired many times in the past by commercial investment property owners to begin implementing this process.  We often find that the tenant’s lease states they are to pay the CAE’s but yet the property owner has not been diligent in collecting these fees, thus decreasing their asset.  We can work with your existing tenants and their leases to come into compliance with the lease terms and begin collecting the money due.  Call/email us today to see if we would be a good fit for your Auburn CA commercial investment property!

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