Benefits of a commercial property manager and hiring for commercial property management services.

Have you self managed your Placer County and/or Nevada County CA commercial investment property and are considering hiring a professional property manager?  There can be great benefits in separating yourself from your Auburn, Nevada City, or Grass Valley CA commercial investment property.  Here are some of the commercial property management services we provide at Barrett Property Management, Inc. and reasons to consider hiring a professional for these services:

  • The “emotional” relationship between Landlord and Tenant is dissolved when a commercial investement property is professionally managed versus self-managed.
  • Rents are paid on-time, every month.  We are often hired by Placer County and Nevada County commercial investment property owners because they continuously receive late rent payments from their commercial tenants.  When you hire a professional commercial property manager the Tenant realizes that this is a business deal and rent is due in a timely fashion.  Late rent payments disappear.
  • Your commercial property common area expenses (CAE’s) are property accounted for on a yearly basis and charged to each tenant accordingly.
  • Your monthly expenses are paid by us on your behalf.
  • Rent is adjusted according to the annual CPI index at proper intervals.
  • The lease agreements are upheld properly.  Often times, we coach Auburn, Grass Valley, and Nevada City investment property owners on going by the lease terms.  For example, if a tenant is to maintain the HVAC system per the lease agreement and you are constantly enduring this expense and scheduling, it’s a good sign the lease agreement is not being upheld property.  A professional property manager will ensure all terms of the lease are abided by during the lease length.
  • Your property will be better cared for because we will suggest improvements to increase the life expectancy of your buildings and improvements.  Along with this, we can set a budget to reach by withholding monthly reserves for you.
  • You have more FREE time to do what you enjoy!  As a professional property manager, Barrett Property Management, Inc. will handle all tenant inquiries, requests, and concerns.  We will stay in constant communication with you, but we will also be the main communicator between all parties, relieving you of many hours of work.

Call or email Barrett Property Management, Inc. today to find out how your Placer County and/or Nevada County CA commercial investment property can become more successful and work for you!, 530.362.7072