Barrett Property Management, Inc. Offers Coordination of Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance and Repair

One of the most common costs of owning a commercial real estate investment property includes parking lot care and maintenance. Barrett Property Management, Inc. (BPM) is experienced in overseeing maintenance and/or repair of commercial parking lots from start to finish. Because of the unique climate of Nevada City, Grass Valley, and Auburn, CA, bitter cold temperatures often leave asphalt parking lots with cracks, faded painted lines, and an overall faded gray color. BPM highly recommends a maintenance plan for your parking lot in order to extend its lifespan and avoid these potential hazards and cosmetic blemishes.parking lot maintenance and repair

BPM has worked with multiple vendors from Nevada County down to Sacramento who specialize in parking lot maintenance and repair.

We are currently working with an investment property owner to restore the failed parking lot and retaining wall of their 1980’s Victorian Commercial Office space in Nevada City, CA, which BPM leases and manages.

The asphalt has sunken in because of a failed retaining wall. The retaining wall was constructed of wood, which was not a good option in the Nevada City climate. In order to properly fix the issue, the new retaining wall will be constructed of concrete and then the parking lot will be cut and patched where the asphalt has sunken in. The cut and patch technique targets a specific problem, rather than replacing the entire parking lot.

BPM will be posting blog update of the progress. Stay tuned!

BPM is also experienced in overseeing contractor’s work of seal coating and crack filling of commercial investment properties. It is always best to implement a maintenance schedule in order to financially prepare for the anticipate expenses. Call BPM today! We can help with your commercial property management needs!